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Address of China Post:
Situated; No. 773, Beijing Zhonglu, Jinfeng District
Situated; No. 228, Changcheng Donglu, Xingqing District
Situated; No. 144, Jiefang Dongjie, Xingqing District

Address of some branches of Bank of China:
Situated; No. 303, Funing Jie, Xingqing District
Situated; No. 33, Gulou Beijie, Xingqing District
Situated; No. 9, Minzu Beijie, Xingqing District
Situated; No. 196, Zhongshan Beijie, Xingqing District

Banks and exchange: The principal Bank of China is located in the western part of Laocheng, on Jiefang Jie. Usually opening; Monday to Saturday from 9am-noon & 2.30 to 6.30pm.

Colleges and universities:
Ningxia University
Second Northwest Nationalities University
Ningxia Medical College

Useful telephone numbers:
Ambulance: 120
Consumer complaint: 12315
Fire alarm: 119
Police: 110
Tourist complaint: 0951-6034594

Yinchuan in brief:
Area Code: 0951
City flower: rose
Population: 1,406,000
Postal code: 750000
Religion: Islam

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