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Chengtiansi Pagoda: Chengtiansi Pagoda, known popularly as the Western Pagoda, is situated in the Chengtian Temple in Yinchuan City. The Chengtiansi Pagoda has 64.5-meter-high octagonal structure and it was originally built in 1050 in the Western Xia Dynasty.

In the temple where the pagoda stands, the West Xia Museum displays cultural relics of the once glorious Kingdom.

Nanguan Mosque: Situated in the southern suburb of Yinchuan. It was built in 1915 and rebuilt in 1981, the typical Islamic mosque and has an area 2000 square meters. Actually, its chapel can house a thousand praying people.

Haibao Pagoda: Situated in the northern suburb of Yinchuan, it is assumed that was built in the 5th century. The style of the pagoda is extremely unique, rarely seen in the other part of China. On the top of the pagoda, tourists will have a good view of the Mt. Helan and Yellow River.

Shapotou: 10 kilometers west of Zhongwei county, situated on the bank of the Yellow River. It has an 80 meter sand dune which echoes when one slides down the dune. Shapotou became known because of its success in desertification control program.

Some ruins of the ancient Great Wall:

The Great Wall in Qin Dynasty from the Warring States Period.
The Great Wall in Sui Dynasty.
The Trench in Song Dynasty.
The Great Wall in Ming Dynasty.

Main sections in the area of Ningxia:

Western Great Wall section.
Northern Great Wall section.
Eastern Great Wall section.
Inner Border of Guyuan.

The Xumi Grottoes: Situated at the eastern part of Mount Xumi, about 320 km. south of Yinchuan.

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