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Dining in Yinchuan

Yinchuan, as a main cultural center for the Hui people in China, offers Muslim food and traditional Chinese fare. Also, any Visitors can enjoy the Hui cuisine.

The dishes most representative of Yinchuan are: Xiangsuji "spiced crisp chicken", Shouzhua Yangrou "mutton eaten with hands", Yangrou Paomo "shredded cake in mutton and beef soup", and Qingzheng Yanggaorou "steamed lamb".

The traditional Gaiwancha "a type of tea beverage", which is said to have originated in the Tang Dynasty, is also of Hui origin. This famous tea comes in a variety of flavors due to the different ingredients added such as crystal sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, 5-savory (longan, crystal sugar, raisin, tea leaf, and dried apricot), and 8-treasure (walnut kernel, raisin, Barbary wolfberry, chinese date, gingili, white sugar, longan and tea leaf).

Other famous Yinchuan snacks are Naiyougao, Facai and Youxiang. Also, one can find some restaurants offer western food as well.

Some main restaurants in Yinchuan:

Chenyi Paomoguan: Situated in Jinning Nanjie.
Discos: Situated Gulou Nanjie, Xingqing District.
Huanghelou Islamic Restaurant: Situated in No. 55, Xinhua Dongjie
Laomao Shouzhua Meishi Lou: Situated in Changcheng Donglu, Xingqing District
Sha Hu Restaurant: Situated in No. 58, Wenhua Xijie
Wanbao Lou: Situated in Wenhua Dongjie

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