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Yangshuo Travel Guide

Eating and Drinking

Yangshuo is a great site to eat. There are dishes from all over the world and one can find in any region in China. Usually, one can eat cheaply in the markets or can try comfort food in one of the several cafes in city.

Also, the city of Yangshuo produces very sweet and juicy grapefruit or pomelos.

Cloud Nine is a popular Chinese site on West Street.
Beer fish is a local specialty.
7th Heaven Restaurant offers great outdoor seating and views and is situated just off West Street on Chenzhong Rd. Western menu.
Yangshuo Ren is a famous Chinese restaurant. It specializes in beer fish and other hot pots. It is situated on the market street between Sunshine 100 and the 99 supermarket.
Ganguoyu is a "dry pot" fish restaurant very popular with the locals. It is situated beside the pond on Jiefang Lu (between the petrol station and the tunnel).

Western food: Usually, the restaurants in Yangshuo offers, shepherd's pie, burgers and a western breakfast. Most of the food is quite good, but in some restaurants serve rather bizarre impressions of western dishes.

Vegetarian: Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant down near the river end of Die Cie Lu.

Among the possibilities:

Cafe China, on the corner of West Street and Xianqian Jie, great coffee, best cheesecake in city.
Bar 98, arguably the best location in city, just off West Street, down Guihua Lu (alleyway opposite Marco Polo hotel) overlooking Guihua Well.
Cafe del Moon, near center of West Street, 32 RMB all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.
MC Blues, Situated at #40 Xianqian Jie , the best cocktails in city with happy hour from 6pm to 8pm, great music, etc.

Drink: The city of Yangshuo has a pretty boisterous nightlife. Usually, several restaurants along the main street stay open late and serve alcohol. Many have live music.

Monkey Jane's Rooftop Bar offers panaramic views of Yangshuo, and is pefect for meeting other backpackers.
Cafe le Votre, set back from the street with a courtyard in front, is a brew pub with its own beer. They have 2 brews, a wheat beer and a dark beer; both are rare finds in China. They also have Chinese and French food.

One can find also many clubs situated near the bus terminal, which sometimes stay open until 5 or 6 A.M.

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