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Xi'an is located in the very heart of China's transportation network. It's easy to reach by train, planen and bus.

Train: Xi'an serves as a main train network hub for Central China, the Southwest and Northwest regions. Every day there are trains from and to main cities around China.

The train station is situated in the northeast of the town, outside of the city wall. The foreigners tickets office is situated on the south side of the station in the second floor. Normally, opern daily from 8:30 to 11:30 am and from 2:30 to 5:30 pm.

Bus and Coach: There are 3 long distance bus stations in Xi'an and also buses run to central China area and also on around.

The Xi'an Bus Station is situated just to the northwest of the railway station square. Currently there are daily buses to Lanzhou, Hanzhong, Yan'an and other sites.

The other 2 bus stations are, East City Bus Station and Nanguan Bus Station.

Air: The city of Xi'an is served by the Xianyang Airport, which is situated around 45 kilometers from the town, about one hour's drive.

Normally, there are many flights to and from Xi'an to the main tourist stops such as Shanghai, Urumuqi, Beijing, Guangzhou and other towns. Also, there are flights to Lhasa and international flights to Japan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Xi'an Xianyang Airport: Situated in the outskirts of Xi'an town, Shanxi and was opened during 1991. Usually, the tourists can take a taxi to the airport around $10.

International Routes: There are direct flights from Xi'an to several major towns in Asia, including Tokyo, Singapore, Kyoto, Bangkok, Sapporo, Seoul, Fukuoka, Osaka, Hong Kong and Pusan.

Local Transportation: There are several tourism buses or public buses to every attraction in and around the town with pick up points throughout the town.

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