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Shopping in Xi'an

Xi'an is regarded as one the most important towns in northwestern China. In Xi'an one can find excellent offerings specific, include: Folk paintings, Terracotta Warrior replicas, Chinese calligraphy rubbings, Folk paper cuttings, Tang pottery replicas and Green porcelain.

There are several supermarkets, department stores and shopping centers in and around the Xi'an, centered mainly along Don Dajie, Nan Dajie and Jiefang Lu.

Supermarkets: There are several in Xi'an and are distributed around communities and universities, however, there are some in the town center and the suburbs that are also easily accessible.

The most famous include Yi Chu Lian Hua, Ai Jia, Jia Shi Jie, Ren Ren le, Hao You Duo, etc.

• Yian Chu Lian Hua TangYan Store: It is located on Nş3 Tangyan Lu and usually this open from 8:30 to 22:00.

• Jia Shi Jie (Home Club): Opening Hours: From 9:00 to 21:00.

1• Chang'an Lu Branch (South Suburb) is situated at the northeast corner of the crossing of Shida Lu & Chang'an Lu.

2• Jin Hua Lu Branch (East Suburb) is located near the crossing of Changle Lu and Jinhua Lu.

3• Lian Hu Branch (West Suburb) is situated at the southwest of the crossing of Daqing Lu & Taoyuan Lu.

Department Stores: Situated between the ancient Bell tower & Drum tower. The Century Ginwa Shopping Mall is an exclusive shopping center in Xi'an.

Souvenirs: There are several historical relic shops in Xi'an, such as Xian Antique Market, Shu Yuanmen and Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center

In the Muslim area of the town, near the Bell Tower, there is a huge outdoor market that sells, antiques, mao memorabilia, musical instruments, clothing as well as other cultural and souvenirs items are all for sale.

Shopping in Xi'an
Shopping in Xi'an
Shopping in Xi'an
Shopping in Xi'an

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