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Tibetan Buddhism: It's the body of religious Buddhist doctrine and institutions characteristic of Himalayan and the Tibet. But because the region of Tibet is substantially different from other regions in China.

Guangren Temple: Situated in Xi'an.It is consecrated to Princess Wencheng who married the leader of Tibet. She promoted the relationship between Tang and Tibet.

Buddhism: Buddhism was first introduced to China during the Han Dynasty. To several, however, Buddhism is nor a philosophy, not a religion or a set of doctrines, but rather teachings to guide one to directly experiencing reality.

Address List of 6 founder's temples:
Faxiang Zong, Da Ci'en Temple: Yanta Road, Xi'an
Jingtu Zong,Xiangji Temple: Shenhe Yuan, Xi'an
Huayan Zong, Huayan Temple: Shaolin Yuan, Xi'an
Lu Zong, Jingye Temple: Mount Zhongnan, Xi'an
Mi Zong, Da Xingshan Temple: West Street Da Xingshan Si, Xi'an
Sanlun Zong, Caotang Temple: Hu Xian, Xi'an

Other Temples:
Blue Dragon Temple: Xiying Road, Xi'an
Famen Temple: Baoji
Jianfu Temple): Youyi Road,Xi'an
Xingjiao Temple: Shaolin Yuan, Xi'an
Wangji Temple: Paofang, Xi'an
Wolong Temple: Kaitong Lane, Xi'an

Catholicism: Catholicsm Church, Street Wuxing, Xi'an

Daojiao: Besides Buddhism, Xi'an is also an important site for Chinese local religion Taoism. Its founder Daoguan is like a church, temple or a mosque, just a specific name of site. Louguan es el tai Daojiao la primera Daoguan.

Chenghuang Miao: the West Street,Xi'an
Eight Immortals An: Changle Fang,Xi'an
Louguan Tai: Qinling Mountains,Xi'an
Xiangzi Miao: Str.Xiangzi Miao,Xi'an

The Great Mosque: Huajue Lane, Xi'an
Mosque Great: Da Xuexi Lane, Xi'an

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