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Xi'an is a cultural and historic town which delivers high level taste in cinema, play, literature, fine arts and other fields. There are also several culture facilitie in the town.

In recent years, the numbers of establishment such as cinema, nightclub, disco bar, theater and gym reach over 3,700.

Some Cinemas in Xi'an:

Cinemas: Location: Telephone:
Bell Tower Cinema Xin'an Market (029)87210190
Children's Cinema He Ping Road (029)87215846
E'fang Palace Cinema Zhu Ba Shi (029)87275825
He Ping Cinema North Street (029)87274926

Some Bowling in Xi'an:

Bowling: Location: Telephone:
Chang'an Bowling Club No.49 Beiguan Zheng Jie 13909278265
Hong Mayi Bowling Club Changle Xi Road (029)83231511
Taoyuan Lake Bowling Center Taoyun Hu western part of Nan'er Huan (029)84243035

Some Teahouse in Xi'an:

Teahouse: Location: Telephone:
Changtou Tea Show No.9 Youdian Bei Lane (029)88413155
Jinxiu Tea Park No.8 South Street (029)87272827
Yuanming Ju Tea Show No.22 Fenghao East Road Lianhu District (029)84221616

Some KTV in Xi'an:

KTV: Location: Telephone:
Feifandi KTV No.10 Laodong Nan Road (029)88498833
Haoledi Zhuque Branch (029)82068000
Qiangui KTV No.52 South Street (029)87257288
Shallotte KTV 4th No.23 West Part of Yanta Road (029)82210022
Yuehao KTV 3rd-4th floor No.16 Heping Road (029)87511122

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