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Jianghan District in Hankou is Wuhan's central commercial district, and the site of 3 featured shopping streets.

Jiqing Lu for snacks: Jiqing Lu is renowned for its snack stalls and eateries. Baozi (steamed stuffed buns) at Sijimei, sticky rice fried in egg rolls at Laotongcheng, dry noodles with sesame paste at Cailinji and chicken soup at Xiaotaoyuan are all worth trying.

Hanzheng Jie for small commodities: It was once the principal street of ancient Hankou, and an astonishing variety of small commodities are traded here and in the 3 adjoining streets.

Jianghan Lu Pedestrian Street: Jianghan Lu Pedestrian Street is "the Bund" of Wuhan. It runs from Jianghan No. 4 road to the riverside, and is called the "architecture museum". Like the Bund in Shanghai, old and new buildings along the street contributed to an extraordinary mix of architectural shapes ranging from Qing Dynasty through to 19th-century European classic and 20th-century modern buildings.

Nowadays, the street is a best site to walk, spend money, shop and watch modern Chinese doing the same.

Where to buy: The commercial industry in the city of Wuhan has long been well-known throughout the country. Like other medium towns in China, the Wuhan commercial industry is flourishing with shopping malls and super markets, centers, chain stores and shopping streets throughout the town.

Shopping Malls: There are several shopping centers with complete selections of books, home appliances, dresses, furniture, food, commodities, etc.
Features: Quality assured; reasonably priced.

Supermarkets: Supermarket chains such as Metro, Carrefour, and Parkson with stores in all 3 Wuhan cities.
Features: low prices with good quality


Shopping Malls:
Wuhan Mall, located at No. 690, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou
Wuhan Square, located at No. 688, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou
Int'l Trade Square, located at No. 686, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou
Asian Trade Square, located at No. 628, Wuluo Lu, Wuchang District
Jian Er Mall, located at No. 955, Heping Dadao, Qingshan District

Parkson, located at No. 43, Changqing Lu, Hankou
Zhongshang Square at No. 7 Xudong Lu, Wuchang
Hanshang 21 Shopping Center, located at No. 687, Hanyang Dadao

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