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Airlines CAAC: Located on the corner of Hangkong Lu & Qingnian Lu, Hankou. Daily from 8am to 7pm; tel 83611756.

Banks and exchange Bank of China: Zhongshan Dadao, Hankou; Open Monday - Saturday from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Sunday from 9am to noon. Also, one can find hotels that have foreign-exchange facilities and change travellers cheques.

Fast Facts:
Area: 8,406 square kilometers (3246 square miles)
Population: 7,860,000
Dialing Code: 027
Postal Code: 430014
Government Location: Jiang'an District

Administrative Districts: Total 13
Jiang'an District
Hanjiang District
Qiaokou District
Hanyang District
Wuchang District
Qingshan District
Hongshan District
Dongxihu District
Hannan District
Caidian District
Jiangxia District
Huangbei District
Xinzhou District

Hubei Provincial Hospital: Tel 027-88041911, located at No. 238 Jiefang Lu, Wuchang
Wuhan Hospital: Tel 027-85855908, located at No. 375 Zhongshan Dadao, Hankou
Wuhan Children's Hospital: Tel 027-82427524, located at No. 213, Qiuchang Jie, Hankou
Woman & Children's Care Center: Tel 027-82429551, located at No. 218-2, Xianggang Lu, Hankou

Consulates in Wuhan: There is only a consulate in Wuhan, France has a consulate located at No.566, Jianshe Dadao. Situated at Room 809, Wuhan International Commercial & Trade Center, at No. 566 Jianshe Dadao, Wuhan, its E-mail: Tel: 0086+27+8577.

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