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By bus: Wuhan has an efficient, cheap, but horribly bewildering bus system in the city. If you have a local to guide you, it can be used to get from site to site with impressive speed.

Without a local to guide you, you'd better have a very good map and a good grasp of Chinese.

By ferry: The Changjiang River can be crossed by ferry for a very reasonable fee of 1.5RMB. The ferry runs frequently from 7:00am to 9:00pm. It offers by virtue of its unique location some beautiful views of the town, Yellow Crane Tower, the Number One Chang River Bridge, etc. during the day and an interesting nightscape view after dark.

By taxi: There are several Taxis in Wuhan, the rates are very cheap at 3RMB on the flag and with around 50RMB getting you between almost any 2 spots you're likely to want to travel between.

It's possible to get higher taxi fares, but usually only because the taxi driver has deliberately taken you on a longer trip. Airport taxis are the exception.

Nowadays, due to traffic problems and snarls at the bridges, the town has instituted a system in which half the taxis are not permitted to cross the bridge on half the days. Normally, if the day of the month is odd, odd-numbered taxis are allowed to use the number One bridge.

If the day of the month is even, even-numbered taxis are allowed to use the number One bridge. This system may extend to the number 2 bridge (this is not yet confirmed) but it does not extend to the number 3 Bridge.

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