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Eating and Drinking

Wuhan Cuisine is known for its unique methods of preparing delicacies from land & sea, freshwater soup and fish. Famous dishes include Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes, Hongshan Vegetable Bolts, Steamed Wuchang Fish, Dongpo Pork, Xiaotaoyuan Soup, Wangji Chicken Soup and others.

Wuhan Cuisine, one can find several fish dishes that restaurants specialize in them - most famous are Brown-sauce fish and Wuchang fish, both braised in distinctive stocks.

Steamed Wuchang Fish: It is a typical food in Wuhan. This freshwater fish, when steamed together with bamboo shoots, mushrooms and chicken soup, keeps both the original fresh taste of the fish and all the nutrients.

Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes: The three steamed dishes refer to steamed fish, meatballs, and pork or shrimp balls. Nowadays, several chefs have tailored the cooking methods, ingredients, and techniques for the local people's taste.

Xiaotaoyuan Soups: Nowadays, there are kinds of restorative soups cooked over a low heat which preserves both the fresh taste and the nutrients. The most advisable are Spareribs Soup, Chicken Soup, and Duck Soup.

The best place to taste it is the Xiaotaoyuan Restaurant at 64 Lanling Lu in Hankou.

Popular foods:

Bean Pan, is a popular local dish with a soy skin containing beef, egg, rice, mushrooms and beans.

Duck's Neck, is a local version of this popular Chinese dish, made of spices and duck necks.

Hot and Dry Noodle, is a kind of noodle which is very popular in Wuhan. The Chinese word "Re" means hot and "gan" means dry. It's considered to be the most representative local food for breakfast of Wuhan.

Salty Doughnut, is a class of doughnut with salty taste. It is much thinner than common doughnut, and is a typical Wuhan local food.

Hubei Cuisine Restaurants:

Fu Sheng Restaurant: located at No. 1 Er Yao Lu, Hankou
Kanglong Taizi Restaurant: located at No. 226, Yanjiang Dadao, Hankou
San Wu Chun Restaurant: located at No. 5, Xinhua Lu
San Wu Restaurantsite: located at No. 120, Dongxihu Dadao, Dongxihu District
Xiao Lan Jing (Little Blue Whale) located at No. 185, Qiaokou Lu, Hankou.
Yanyang Tian Restaurant: located at No. 588, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou

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