China travel guide


China Travel Guide

Far Northeastern Regions

Dalian One of the former Chinese capitals, Shenyang, preserves some remains such as the Imperial Palace and the North Imperial Tomb (20km -13 miles from the city) of the founder of the Qing dynasty.

Dalian is today an important port of China. In the past, it was annexed by the Soviets, who created an attractive bi-cultural city with a mix of both Russian and Chinese architecture.

Hohhot, a city with great Mongolian influence, is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Hohhot has its distinctive local architecture counting the Five-Pagoda Temple and vast grasslands, which is why it is also known as the “green city”.

Harbin is a Russian-style industrial city. As the capital of a province (Heilongjiang) with extremely varied climate, Harbin is host to the yearly Summer Music Festival and Winter Ice Festival.

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