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Central Provinces

Chengdu Chengdu
The mountainous capital of Sichuan Province is located at the foot of the Tibetan plateau. Chengdu has several attractions like the Tang Dynasty shrines, the house of the renowned writer Du Fu, historic parks and bamboo forests which preserve the last refuge of the giant panda, Buddhist temples and an antique Buddhist monastery.

Chengdu is the initial point for traveling to the Emei Shan Mountain, which is visited yearly by Buddhist pilgrims.

Here are also the holy mountains of Gongga and Siguniang, the Lingbao Pagoda and the magnificent Grand Buddha of Leshan, a colossal sculpture carved out of a cliff (70m- 225ft).

In the north of Suchuan is Jiuzhaigou Ravine. It is a nature reserve for wild giant pandas.
Chengdu also has beautiful snowy peaks like Shuzheng. These mountains have several waterfalls and around 40 multicolored lakes where visitors can swim and boat. Further north, at Huanglong (Yellow Dragon), there is a nature reserve of stunning natural ponds and rock formations produced by the high concentration of mineral salts in the water.
Sited on the banks of the Yangtze River, Chongqing is the more common initial point for trips to the Yangtze Gorges. At east of the city are the great tourist attractions of Witches Gorge and Shadow Play Gorge. These natural marvels are going to be severe affected by the Three Gorges Dam, which will be finished by 2010.

At west of Chongqing is Dazu County. In this place are the Dazu Rock Carvings, which symbolizes the apex of Chinese rock art.

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