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Beijing The historic Chinese capital has become a great vivid museum. In this amazing place, tourists can visit the residence of the Ming and Qing emperors, today a museum and public park known as the Forbidden City, which still conserves its wonderful halls, walls, palaces, gardens and a collection of precious relics from old dynasties.

Other interesting places in the city are the Coal Hill (Mei Shan), an elevated park with spectacular views; Beihai Park, the most romantic site of the city; Tiananmen Square, the biggest public square in the world, bordered by museums, parks, the zoo and Beijing University; the Temple of Heaven, a brilliant construction of 15th-century; the Summer Palace of the Qing dynasty reconstructed in the early 1900s with its fantastic view of the Kunming Lake.

The Chinese government is making significant investment in both tourism infrastructure and historical restoration due to Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.
Beyond Beijing
Near to Beijing are the 13 Ming Tombs - one of them is opened to the public- ; and the Peking Man ruins at Zhoukoudian. Badaling, a famous section of the Great Wall with 8m -26ft high and 6m -20ft wide, is located at 72km - 45 miles from Beijing. It was built in stone and brick and dates from the Ming dynasty.

The Yungang Caves in Datong, have impressive Buddhist effigies carved into them. Hanging Temple and the Yingxian Pagoda are also beautiful antique ruins.

Beidaihe (277km - 172 miles from Beijing) is a popular seacoast resort. Attractions of Beidaihe include the Yansai Lake, the Shan Hai Guan gateway at the easternmost Great Wall, and elegant colonial-era villas. Chengde is the old summer retreat of the Qing emperors. Here are numerous temples and parks, including the ruins of the Qing Summer Palace with its notable Imperial Garden and the architectural styles of the Tibetans and Mongolians at The Eight Outer Temples.

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