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China is a marvelous country plenty of historical, cultural and natural wonders, 35 of which have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. This huge nation has 26 provinces, each with their own language and regional customs and traditions.

Forbbiden City Beijing

The historic Chinese capital has become a great vivid museum. In this amazing place, tourists can visit the residence of the Ming and Qing emperors, today a museum and public park known as the Forbidden City, which still conserves its wonderful halls, walls, palaces, gardens and a collection of precious relics from old dynasties...

Xi'an City Wall Northern Provinces

Xi'an: the historical capital of China also called “the eternal city”; is now the capital of Shaanxi Province and after Beijing; it is the most popular tourist attraction in China. Xi’an -Chang'an in the past -, was one of the most wonderful cities in the world for several centuries.

Dalian Castle Far Northeastern Regions

Shenyang: one of the former Chinese capitals, preserves some remains such as the Imperial Palace and the North Imperial Tomb (20km -13 miles from the city) of the founder of the Qing dynasty.
Dalian: is today an important port of China.

Urumqi Mosque Far Northwestern Regions

Lanzhou: the capital of Gansu Province, was considered an oasis on the Silk Road for centuries. Close to Lanzhou, in Bingling there are 34 early Buddhist caves. Another attraction of the region is the White Pagoda Mountain Park.

Dunhuang:, has ancient caravan stop of the Silk Road and is located at the limits of the desert.

Oriental Pearl Tower Eastern Provinces

Shanghai: is the China’s largest city (18.7 million) and one of the world’s too. Sited on the estuary of the Yangtze River, it is the heart of China in commerce and industry. Traditional Chinese buildings, European-style architecture and modern huge constructions co-exist in this cosmopolitan metropolis

Nanjing: has a great cultural heritage including temples, tombs, parks and lakes, museums, and monuments...

Grand Buddha of Leshan Central Provinces

Chengdu: the mountainous capital of Sichuan Province is located at the foot of the Tibetan plateau. Chengdu has several attractions like the Tang Dynasty shrines, the house of the renowned writer Du Fu, historic parks and bamboo forests and Buddhist temples.

Chongqing:, sited on the banks of the Yangtze River, Chongqing is the more common initial point for trips to the Yangtze Gorges...

Windows to the World Southern Provinces

Guangzhou: Known as “the City of Flowers”, is a modern metropolis on the south seaboard, capital of Guangdong Province. It is a Special Economic Zone which is having a great fast development due to its proximity to Hong Kong.

Guilin: Situated on the banks of the Li River at the northwest of Guangzhou, the city of Guilin is well-known for its fabulous scenery of peculiar limestone formations.

Aberdeen Harbor Special Administrative Zones

Hong Kong and Macau are Special Economic Regions located in Guangdong’s coast close to Guangzhou, reincorporated to China in the last decade. Both cities are modern and important tourist places, but with different features.

Windows to the World Other places in China

If you can't visit China, you can see the most popular destinations in one of the free webcams are located around the country, and discover the attractions, the culture and people who lives in China.

Other recommendations to visit or view with a webcam in China are the Tibet and his tibetan culture and one of the most historic roads in the world, "The Silk road".

Tibet: is a magnificent landscape set at ”The Roof of the World”. Its fascinating tradition of arcane Buddhism and the historic peaceful fight for its freedom demonstrates the highness of Tibetan culture.

The Silk Road: Since the 1st century BC, it had become an extraordinary route of caravan trails, oasis, roads and mountain passes, where merchants, traders, pilgrims, monks, soldiers and nomads from China and West interchanged its goods and beliefs.

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