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Food and Drink in Tibet

Nowadays, traditional Tibetan food consists of meat, barley and dairy products. Actually, vegetables are scarce in the high altitude.

Zanba (roasted highland qingke barley flour):

Preparation: Mix the flour with salted butter tea in a bowl, rotate the bowl with the left hand & mix the food with the fingers of your right hand, rolling it into small lumps, & squeezing it into your mouth with your fingers.

One also can add other ingredients to add flavor.

Nowadays, Tibetan people eat Tsampa at every meal, and when traveling, it's brought along as a ready made meal, and for drinking the salted butter tea is an excelent Tsampa companion.

Generally, boiled tea is poured into long cylindrical churn along with yak butter and salt, & vigorous churning makes the ingredients well blended and ready to serve. Nowadays, yak butter it is a popular food for Tibetans.

The yoghurt is also an important dietary meal for Tibetan people. Actually, the creamy milk produced by yak cows is superb and the manufacture of the yoghurt has a special process. Yogurt has been a Tibetan food for more than 1.000 years.

Dried beef and mutton stripe is also a popular food in tibet. During the winter, the beef and mutton are cut into long stripes and hung in shaded zones to be air-dried.

The Buttered Tea: Buttered tea is the favorite drink of Tibetan people. It's made of boiled brick tea and ghee.

Some restaurants serve Chinese, Tibetan, and even western food, mushroo, in the streets to accommodate tourists. Actually, in Lhasa Hotel, the restaurant provides Nepalese, Chinese, Indian, and western food.

Local Tibet Restaurants: Some Restaurants and Bars in Lhasa.

Beijing Duck Restaurant, located on Beijing Xi Lu, opposite and a little west of the Grand Hotel Tibet.

Muslim Restaurant, located on Beijing Dong Lu, 50m west of the Banak Shol Hotel.

Barkhor Cafe, located on Barkhor Square. Ideal place to sit with a chocolate milkshake.

Lhasa Kitchen, located on Beijing Dong Lu, beside the Yak Hotel. It is an excellent Tibetan cuisine.

Hard Yak Cafe, Lhasa Hotel, located on Minzu Lu. Offering starched linen, old magazines, muzak and a range of Western food, this place is an expensive.

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