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Folk Custom

Presenting Hada: It is a common practice among the Tibetan people to express their best wishes on several occasions, such as festivals, wedding ceremonies, visiting the elders and entertaining guests. The white hada represent the purity and good fortune.

Proposing a Toast and Tea: Proposing a Toast when you come to a Tibetan family, the host will propose a toast, normally barley wine. You should sip 3 times and then drink up. Take into account, the guest has not to drink until the host presents the tea to you.

Greetings: Don't forget to add "la" after saying hello to the Tibetan people to show respect. Take into account not to make any sounds while eating and drinking.

Sky Burials: Sky burial is a common form in Tibet. There are several prohibitions. Take into account strangers are not allowed to attend the ceremony and the visitors should respect this custom.

Tibetan Buddhism: Also called Lamaism, the Tibetan Buddhism was introduced to Tibet from the mainland and India in the 7th century. The Tibetan Buddhism consists of 4 major sects, the Ge-lug-pa(Yellow) Sect, the Nying-ma-pa(Red)Sec, the Saturday-kya-pa(Variegated) Sect, and the Ka-gyu-pa(White) Sect.

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