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Water Park
Water Park: Situated at Water Park Road in Nankai District, Water Park is a big comprehensive park with 55 years of history.

The Park has an area of 200 hectares, half of which is water surface that is divide into three lakes and nine islets. All of them are linked with six bridges and dotted with towers, pavilions, and terraces.

Adjoining the park is the Tianjin Zoo, where over hundred precious animals and birds can be found.

Haihe River: Haihe River, meandering through the downtown area of the town, with a total length of 75km, is a must-see scenic axis of Tianjin.

Along the river, the are several historic places and charming views. The Wanghailou Church, first built in 1869, is the relic of well-known'Tianjin Church Case' of Chinese modern history.

The Tianjin Railway Station, former 'Laolongtou Railway Station' built in 1888 adn reconstructed in 1987.
Haihe River

Shi Family Mansion
Shi Family Mansion: Situated in Yangliuging county of Xiqing distric, was built in 1875. The Shi Family Mansion was the habitation of Mr. Shi Wancheng, one of the top 8 richest people in Tianjin during the Qing Dynasty.
Shi Family Mansion has an area of 7,200 m2 and a building area of 2,900 m2, the mansion, which now houses the Yangliuqing Museum, is composed of twelve courtyards all in Chinese traditional quadrangle style.

Grand Mercy Temple: Situated beside the Haihe river on Tianwei Road, the Grand Mercy Buddhist. Temple is one of the biggest & best preserved Buddhism Zen sect Temples in northern China.

Mercy Temple comprises of 2 parts, the old temple situated in the west courtyard and the new temple situated in the east courtyard. The original structure was built during 1669 in the Qing Dynasty, and the new wing of the temple was added to the old temple in 1940.
Grand Mercy Temple

Mt. Panshan
Mt. Panshan: Situated 12 km northwest of Jixian County in Tianjin & about 75 km east of Beijing, Panshan is one of the fifteen famous mountains in China, called aslo "The First Mountain to the east of Beijing". It's unique for its '5 peaks and 8 stones' and '3 big windings', as well as 72 temples and monasteries.

Mount Panshan is on the edge of the north China Plain. Less than a 1,000 meters above sea level, the granite peaks rise abruptly, featured by the several sheer precipices and grotesquely shaped rocks and boulders.

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