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The food of Tianjin is renowned throughout China, and not only the traditional Tianjin snacks, however the cuisies from other regions of China can too be found.

Food Street is a fairly good site for you to sample these cross-curtural Chinese dishes.

Three top snacks of Tianjin:

• Erduoyan Zhagao: With relatively fine ingredients & a renowned reputation in Tianjin, Erduoyan Zhagao is almost 100 years old.

• Shiba Jie Mahua (fried dough twist): Shiba Jie Mahua is crispy and sweet-smelling. It cannot go bad even being stored for many months.

• Goubuli Baozi (steamed stuffed bun): Goubuli means the infant of a restaurateur; while Baozi means steamed stuffed bun. Goubuli Baozi has had more than 150 years of history.
It's not an exaggeration to say that Goubuli Baozi is a food calling card of Tianjin. Now its chain restaurants can be found in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other towns in China as well as towns in Japan, America and Korea.

Some Restaurants in Tianjin:

• Barcelona Western Food Restaurant; located at No.10, Binyou Dao, Hexi District

• Erduoyan Zhagao; located at No.37, Beimenwai Dajie, Hongqiao District

• Friday's; located at Nş 1 F, Teda International Hotel & Club, Tianjin. "Western food".

• Goubuli Baozi General Restaurant; located at No.77, Shandong Lu, Heping District

• Lao Sichuan; located on Nanlou, Hexi District. "Sichuan cuisine"

• Shiba Jie Mahua Hotel Street Branch: located at No.18, Jiashang, Beilou, Hotel Street

• Tianfu Laoma: located at No.85, Liuwei Lu, Hedong District. "Sichuan cuisine"

• Yang Shangshu; located at No.406, Nanmen Wai Dajie, Nankai District Benxi Lu branch: No.19, Benxi Lu, Hongqiao District. "Moslem food"

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