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Tianjin Travel Guide

Tianjin Travel Guide

Tianjin is one of the 4 municipalities of China that are directly under the central government & have provincial-level status. Taijin has an urban area that is the third largest in China, after Beijing and Shanghai.

However, despite its size and importance as a port, the town lacks the vitality of other large Chinese coastal towns, and has been unable to attract the same degree of investment as sites such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The urban area of Tianjin is situated along the Hai He River. Its ports, some distance away, are situated on Bohai Gulf in the Pacific Ocean.

Subdivisions: Tianjin is divided into 18 county-level divisions, including 3 counties and 15 districts. Six of the districts govern the urban area of Tianjin:

• Hebei District
• Hedong District
• Heping District
• Hexi District
• Hongqiao District
• Nankai District

4 of the districts govern satellite cities & rural areas close to the urban center:
• Beichen District
• Dongli District
• Jinnan District
• Xiqing District

3 of the districts govern towns and harbours along the seacoast:
• Tanggu District
• Hangu District
• Dagang District

2 of the districts as well as the 3 counties govern cities & rural areas further away from the urban center:
• Baodi District; Baodi County before 2001
• Wuqing District; Wuqing County before 2000
• Ji County
• Jinghai County
• Ninghe County

History of Tianjin

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