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Suzhou Orientation

The historic town is located inside a rectangular moat shaped by canals.

The principal street is Renmin Lu. Many facilities for the travelers are situated on or close to Renmin Lu, including the post office, the Bank of China, the PSB and tourist offices and commerce.

The traditional commercial centre is in Guanqian Jie, halfway down Renmin Lu. Here tourists also have the opportunity to take a tour along the Grand Canal.

In the northwest at Shi Lu has been developed a new shopping area and in the west of the moat is the modern area of Xincheng.
A lot of trains leave from Shanghai and pass for Suzhou every day in the route to Nanjing. The duration of the travel is between 30 min. and 1hr 30min, depending on the quality of the train.

Buses leave regularly from the Shanghai Bus Station contiguous to the train station. The journey takes about 1hr 30min. From Hangzhou is about 2hr 30 min. by car.

The city counts with four major bus stations:
Beimen bus station: located on the east of the train station, has hourly connections with Shanghai.
Wuxi bus station: daily journeys to Shanghai and Nanjing.
Nanmen bus station: located at the extreme south of Renmin Lu, has buses on the south direction to cities such as Hangzhou and Wenzhou.
Wuxian bus station: for traveling to local towns like Tongli and Zhouzhuang.

There isn't any major airport at Suzhou, but there are direct taxis to and from Shanghai's airports. The trip takes around an hour.

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