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Suzhou Entertainment

Suzhou is a very calm city, frequently named as the “escape of Shanghai”. It is a nice place to relax and to enjoy the traditional tea in classical houses located all around the city.

There are just few bars & night clubs in comparison with other Chinese cities and most of the entertainment has a high Western influence.

Suzhou as well as Hong Kong, has its own version of Disney World. This amazing place created for children, has a big variety of high- tech amusement games and rides. The complex includes the celebrated Holiday Water World where there is an artificial-navigable lake.

In Suzhou, there are also several places to go shopping for the finest Chinese silk.

Some places of Entertainment:

Name: Address: Telephone:
Bar Street - Shiquan Jie No. 441, Shiquan Jie 512-65195398
Canglang Culture Entertainment Area No. 75, Fenghuangjie, Canglang 512-65224283
Yinhe Dancing House No. 24, Liuyuan Lu 512-65324550
Wolong Night Club Renmin Lu Le Qiao, Canglang 512-65249424
Taile Entertainment City No. 27-2, Pufusi Lu, Pingjiang 512-67277184
Asia Dreaming Paris No. 8-18, Shi Lu, Jinlv 512-65337884
Suzhou Xindao Nightclub No. 5, XiaoTaiPing Street 512-5244369
Suzhou Museum No. 204, Dong Bei Jie 512-67575666
Suzhou Kaiming Grand Theater No. 11, BeiJu 512-5226259
Suzhou People Movie Theater No. 34, Shi Road, 512-5332732

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