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Shenyang Orientation

Shenyang, the biggest city of the north-eastern China, is a cultural and economic point with an extended industrial development in most of its districts.

Situated 160 kilometers from the Bohai Sea, Shenyang produces heavy machinery, textile, chemical, medicine, iron, etc. All of this industrial products have been creating a polluted environment in the city, but today there are important efforts to revert this situation.

The most commercial zone of the city is Heping District, where is also placed the best hotels and the Zhongshan Square with the Mao’s statue. There are also good offers of lodging in Shenhe (at the east) and Huanggu ( at the north) districts.

Visitors can find the best museums of the city at Dudong District and splendid landscapes and tours in Xinchengzi District.

The most impressive industrial machinery is sited in Sujiatan District. Aside from heavy industry, this district produces high quantities of rice and corn; and coal, steel and limestone, too.
Taoxian International Airport of Shenyang is the most important air-terminal of the north of China, situated 22 kilometers away from the city hub. There are around forty domestic flights and ten international every day from this airport. Other minor airports of Shenyang are Dongta, Beiling and Yuhong.

Train service of Shenyang has a huge economic and strategic significance for China. The two principal railway stations are Shenyang South Train Station (located between Heping and Tiexi New districts) and Shenyang North Train Station (located between Shenhe and Huanggutun districts). A trip from Shenyang to Beijing takes approximately 4 hours.

Shenyang is linked by major highways net. The most important lanes are the Jingshen 6 Lane Expressway (to Beijing), the Shen-Da Expressway (to Dalian) and Shendan Expressway (to Dandong).

Inside de city, there are a complete network of buses and taxis covering all the routes.

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