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Shenyang History

Shenyang had its origin 7,200 years ago with the first inhabitants settled on the banks of the Shen River. In the Warring States period (475-221BC), the town grew into an important city, becoming in the following dynasties in the Shen Prefecture.

In 1625, the capital of the Chinese empire was moved to Shenyang by the Manchus who changed the name of the city to Mukden. Shenyang continued as the capital of the Qing dynasty until 1644, when the Ming dynasty remnants were defeated and the capital was relocated in Beijing.

Shenyang History
As a capital of the empire, the city achieved considerable prestige with a great Imperial Palace and impressive the tombs of the early Qing rulers.

The building of the South Manchurian Railway converted to Shenyang into a Russian stronghold. In the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), Shenyang was the site of the Battle of Mukden.

The Japanese victory permitted the concession of the region and the creation of a Japanese economic expansion into southern Manchuria. Soon later, it was the seat of the viceroy of the three Manchurian provinces.

The construction of railways and several factories during the early 1900s, transformed Shenyang in a new great commercial and industrial hub. The Mukden Incident in 1931, gave to Japan the excuse to establish the Manchukuo state ľadministered by the Japanese- with its heavy industry center placed in Shenyang.

In 1945 Soviet forces took Shenyang after the defeat of Japan in the Second World War, but soon later the Nationalist Chinese expulsed the Russian. During the Chinese Civil War, Shenyang was a Kuomintang stronghold until the Liaoshen Campaign of the Chinese communists captured the city in 1948. Since 1949, Shenyang developed into one of the most main heavy industry points of the country.

Despite the name of the city was reestablished since the early 20th century, many English sources still refers to the city as Mukden.

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