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Shenyang Imperial Palace
Shenyang Imperial Palace: Sited in the center of the city, it is the most antique imperial architectural complex of Qing dynasty next only to the Beijing’s Forbidden City in historical and art value. The palace was first built in 1625 and was successively extended by the next rulers, including the Qing dynasty, in whose reign the palace covered an area of 60,000 m2 with about 300 rooms, formed around 20 courtyards. The imperial architecture of the palace is today a museum which contains great ancient collections including imperial relics, paintings, calligraphy, pottery, sculptures and lacquer ware.

Zhaoling Tomb: It is a Qing mausoleum located in the north of Shenyang at Beiling Park, the largest park of the city which covers an area of 30 ha.
Its construction began in 1643 last eight years. The tomb is spacious and has luxury pavilions and palaces with decorated archways, ornamental columns, cloud pillars and stone animals. There are also around 2,000 pines from over 300 years old which create magnificent scenery surrounding the palace. The mausoleum has been restored and extended combining traditional architecture with modern park features.
Zhaoling Tomb

Fuling Tomb
Fuling Tomb: Situated in the east of Shenyang at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain, it is a Qing mausoleum constructed in 1629 and finished in 1651, which covers an area of 194,800 m2.
The tomb has a notable simplicity, elegance and solemnity, and enjoys stunning scenery. Furthermore, it has a rich historic and religious connotation due to it has been a ritualistic center since the Qing period. Today, there are 30 memorial ceremonies each year in Fuling.

Strange Slope : Since its discovery in 1990 to 30 km from the northeastern Shenyang; the Strange Slope has captured attention worldwide. Its fame continues to spread as visitors from home and abroad flock to see this rare sight. The slope descends eastwards from its western peak, covering an area of 9 km2. The extraordinary phenomenon (an apparent violation of gravity) is that vehicles stopping on the foot will automatically slide upward the top. The contrary occurs when vehicles attempt to drift downwards. Beautiful natural landscapes round the Strange Slope.
Strange Slope

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