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Eating and Drinking

Eating in Shenyang:
Shenyang has a large tradition of Manchu cuisine plus an important Korean and Mongolian influence.

The city has numerous great restaurants which serve Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and Western food. However the best places to eat is at luxury hotels. In recent years, American-style fast food has become very popular, including the famous McDonald's, Pizza Hut and KFC enable in major shopping centers. Similarly, Japanese fast food is also everywhere present with Yoshinoya.

In Shenyang , the traditional dishes have their own legend and historical background, which enhances its appeal. The most famous foods are:
  • Laobian Dumpling: selected ingredients and delicate making, it has a tasty flavor and unique shape.
  • Goubangzi Smoked Chicken: bright purplish red color and delicious flavor, it tastes tender and soft.
  • Liaoshanji Haicheng Stuffed Pie: round and yellow, it tastes crisp at surface and tender and refreshing in stuff.
  • Yangjia Egg Cake: with a savor of bittern, the cake tastes tender and refreshing.
Drinking in Shenyang:
Like in whole China, beer is the most common drink in Shenyang. But the city has a distinctive characteristic; which is that the majority of restaurants, coffees and bars brew their own beer with a relative success.

Some main restaurants, bars and cofes of Shenyang are:
Name: Address: Telephone: Type:
Laobian Dumpling Restaurant No.57 lst N.City 024-22721819 General
Sheng Jing Restaurant No. 206 Zhong Jie Road. 024-24843956 General
Ma Jia Steamed Dumpling Restaurant No. 24 Zheng Yang Street 024-24845218 General
Fuyunlong Restaurant Door 1, No.25, Huanghenan Street 024-86226488 General
Baidiyuan Restaurant No.72 Tumen Road 024-23740008 General
The Earl Western Cusine Restaurant No.15, Shisanwei Road 024-23870234 General
Wanzai Tea Restaurant Huayang Building, No.386, Qinglian Street. 024-23180669 General
Li Lian Gui Smoked Meat Large Flatbread No.4 Zhen Yang St. 2nd Section 024-24119407 General

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