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Shenyang Travel Guide

Shenyang is the biggest city in the northeastern China. Along with its nearby cities, the city serves as an important transport and industrial center for the region with a strategic importance for the country.

Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province covering an area of 7,400 square kilometers. The city has a population of 5.53 million and preserves a fantastic Imperial Palace of the Qing dynasty, which is very similar to Beijing's Forbidden City.

Inner City Districts:
• Dadong District.
• Heping District.
• Huanggu District.
• Shenhe District.
• Tiexi District .

Outer Districts and Counties:
• Yuhong District.
• Sujiatun District.
• Dongling District.
• Hunnan District.
• Shenbei New District.
• Xinmin City.
• Faku County .
• Kangping County.
• Liaozhong County.

More info about Shenyang:
• Postal code: 110000.
• Area code: +86/24.
• Important Places:
   - Northeast College of Technology.
   - School of Medicine.
   - Music Conservatory.
   - Manchu Imperial Palace (17th century).
   - Emperor Tai-tsung tomb (1929).

Shenyang History

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