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City Transport

Shanghai boasts one the finest town transportation in china. The city of Shanghai is reachable by air, water and land. The city is at the junction of the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing Hangzhou train lines, which is also reachable by train from almost anywhere in China.

Public Bus: In the city of Shanghai are around of 1,000 bus lines and about 50 bus lines are being opened every year.

In Shanghai there are daytime buses, the rush hour buses in the morning and afternoon headed with two of the license number and the night buses headed with three.

Classified by area, there are eastern pu river area, around the pu river (tunnel and bridge), western pu river area, and the suburban area.

Taxi: In the city of Shanghai there are about 50,000 taxies, most of which are santana. The largest taxi companies in Shanghai are johnson(white), volks wagen (lake blue), bus(green), qiang sheng(yellow) and hai bo (blue).

Prices range from:

Hour 0~3km 3~10km More than 10km
daytime:(5:00~23:00) 10rmb 2yuan/km 3yuan/km
night:(23:00~5:00) 13rmb 2.6yuan/km 3.9yuan/km

Shanghai Maglev Train: It is an important project of the Shanghai traffic development during the 10th 5-year development period of the country and is also the first maglev train used in busines in the world as the function of transporting, displaying, tourism and sightseeing.

Address: the magnetic suspension station, long yang road.

Ticket price:

One way:
50yuan for ordinary ticket 100yuan for vip ticket
80yuan for ordinary ticket 160yuan for vip ticket

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