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During the 20th century, the city of Shanghai has developed into largest commercial city in China. One can find shops are in any corner of the town, generally those on Sichuan, Nanjing, Yuyuan and Huaihai commercial districts are very famous.

Nanjing Roas - Shopping in Shanghai
Nanjing Road
Pedestrian-Only Nanjing Road: Nanjing Road is known as the main shopping street in China and the main shopping center in Shanghai. It has around of 600 shops including famous shops, old shops and shops with distinctive features.

Shopping Street on Huaihai Road: Huaihai Road is also famous as Nanjing Road for its shopping street and tourist. It has around of 4000 shops and stores.

Cultural Street on Fuzhou Road: It is known as street cultural and has about 100 years of old, stationery shops and bookstores. Nowadays, it still boasts more than 30 bookstores such as Foreing Language, Chinese Science and Technology Bookstore.

Clothing Street on Huating Road: It is famous by its private stands. There can be found small decorations and selling clothes (The latest fashion).

Yuyuan Tourist Trade City: Situated, next of Yuyuan Garden and Town Temple of God and is famous for small commodities. All this belongs to the Ming and Qing dynasties in the southern area of the Yangtze River. It's a center of shopping, food, cultural sites, tourism and amusement.

Xuijahui Commercial City: Situated in southwest Shanghai, this town has Xujiahui Square as its center and has an area of 1,2 square kilometers. The town includes Huilian Trade Mansion, Pacific Department Store, Sixth Department Store, Oriental Trade mansion, Zhongxing Department Store.

Famous Shops: Location: Telephone:
Arts and Crafts Trading Mansion 190 Nanjing W. Rd. 086+21+63276530
Cultural Relics Shop 192-240 Guangdong Rd. 086+21+63212864
Duoyunxuan Arts Studio 422 Nanjing E. Rd. 086+21+63510063
Jingdezhen Art Ceramics Co. 1185 Nanjing W. Rd. 086+21+62530885
Old Jiefu Woolen & Silk Fabrics Shop 257 Nanjing E.Rd. 086+21+63213221
Shanghai Friendship Store 40 Beijing E. Rd. 086+21+53080600
Wang Xingji Fan Store 155 Tibet S. Rd. 086+21+63260160

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