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Shanghai Orientation

The city of Shanghai has 3 main business districts:

• Central: Puxi
• East: Pudong
• West: Hongqiao

Central: It is known as Puxi, is the center historic of the city of Shanghai, containing its central Business District, centred on 5 main locations: Huaihai Rd., Nanjing Rd., People¡¯s Sq., The Bund and Xujiahui.

With the best shopping markets, public transport and restaurants in Shanghai, the downtown area is leading location for service companies and multinational head offices.

Pudong: Several financial institutions and larger banks tend to establish operations here along with companies requiring access to the airport, international port and free trade zone. The principal office district is centred around Lujiazui.

Hongqiao: Developed as part of the city of Shanghai, Western expansion in the late 1980s an early 1990s. The main office conurbations in this area are found around New City Centre. This area is very popular with industries such as light engineering, textiles and production offices.
Shanghai City Facts:
• Currency: Yuan Renminbi (CNY)

• Time Zone: GMT plus 8 hours, Eastern Standard Time plus 13 hours & Pacific Standard Time plus 16 hours.

• Language: The official language in Shanghai is Mandarin Chinese although Cantonese, Hakka, Fukienese, Tibetan and Mongolian, among others, are also spoken.

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