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Old City Shanghai
Old City Shanghai: During 1911, Old Town was a walled city where was populated mainly by fishermen, but the walls were torn down to allow freezer movement and easier trade.

The center then, as now, was the Huxingting Tea House and the Yu Garden. Places that can not fail to visit.

The Old City is situated to the West of the Bund and Huangpu River and south of Nanjing Road.

Nanjing Road: Nanjing Road is the main shopping street of Shanghai, and may be one of the busiest shopping streets in the world.

Nanjing Road is situated in the town center. Its eastern section is Huangpu Distric, and running from the Bund west to People's Square. Usually, the luxurious shopping centers is situated in the western section.

It has around of 600 shops including famous shops, old shops and shops with distinctive features.
Nanjing Road

Suzhou Creek
Suzhou Creek: Suzhou Creek in a river, located in China that passes through the Shanghai town center. It's named after Suzhou, a town in neighbouring Jiangsu province which is predominant as a metropolis.

Its main outlets of Tai Lake, Suzhou Creek has a length of 125 km, of which 24 km within the town's highly urbanized and 54 km are within the administrative region of Shanghai The river flows into the Huangpu River at the northern end of the Bund in Huangpu District.

Huangpu River: It is a 97 km long river in China flowing through Shanghai and has an average of 400 meters wide and 9 meters deep.

The Huangpu River can also be called either the Huang Xie River or the Chun Shen River. The Huangpu River is also a main water source for the city of Shanghai, and as the town has grown it has suffered from polluted drinking water and water shortages.

Huangpu River

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