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The city of Shanghai has been known as the paris of the east, nowadays they are saying o it's China's new york. Actually, Shanghai is a of the cities more greatest of the world with an entertainment scene to match.

The nightlife in Shanghai is completely filled with surprise and is surrounded by good restaurants, cinemas showing foreign movies, theaters, dances, operas, acrobatics, puppets and much more. Shanghai has the more colorful nightlife in china or maybe the most colorful one in the world.

Bars and nightclubs are always booming, as joing opening and closing faster than night can turn into day, as they say Shanghai certainly has its finger back on the pulse and the feeling and atmosphere in this town at night is exciting, addictive and captivating.

Clubs and Bars: Find the best Bars or Clubes in Shanghai can be an unforgettable experience.

Some main bars and clubs in Shanghai.

California Club: Maybe the king of the night in Shanghai, includ two very good restaurants (baci and tokyo joe), in a fuxing park complex, called park97. California club is a major hit with the town's trendiest young partiers.

California Club has an atmosphere elegant, and the bar is decorated with an overabundance of reds situated in the center of the room, with many couches and small nooks that line the walls around it.

George V: It was one of the best-known bars in the city of Shanghai, is still popular with local residents and expats.

George V, is located in the former french concession, considered the best local in the city to listen in live blues and jazz.

Judy's too: It's the original party bar on mao ming lu. Judy's always pulls in a crowd of people looking to dance the night away & make new friends. Behind the famed red french doors, judy's sports a mural of old shanghai with gents and ladies gents enjoying pints.

Other bars and clubs in Shanghai:

Name: Location: Telephono +86/21
Chelsea Bar 32 Maoming Nanlu, Shanghai 21 - 6258 2582
Jazz Bar 20 Nanjing East Road 21 - 6321 1244
Trader's Pub 1200 Caoxi Beilu, Shanghai 21 - 6439 1000
Xindu Entertainment Club 161 Changle Lu, Shanghai 21 - 6322 5676
Bubbling Well Lounge Portman Hotel, 1376 Nanjing Xilu 21 - 6279 8600
Continental 58 Maoming Nanlu, Shanghai 21 - 6433 1111
Old Jazz Band 20 Nanjing Donglu, Shanghai 21 - 6321 1244

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