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Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum: The Shanghai Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, located on the People's Square in the Huangpu District of the city of Shanghai, PRC.

In 1952, the Museum was founded & open to the public in the former club house of Racecourse of Shanghai, & during 1959, the Museum moved into the former Zhonghui Building at 16S. Henan Road. Nowadays, the museum has a collection of more 120,000 pieces, including ceramics, jades, bronze, sculptures, art and many more.

Peace Hotel: It is a world famous hotel on the Bund in Shanghai. Nowadays the hotel comprises 2 buildings. The South Building is the former Palace Hotel and the north building is Sassoon House, which include the former Cathay Hotel.

The 2 buildings are divided by the famous Nanjing Road, maybe the busiest street in Shanghai. Nowadays, the Peace hotel is in complete renovation and reopening in 2009, as the pre-eminent luxury hotel in Shanghai.
Peace Hotel
Peace Hotel on Shanghai

Oriental Pearl Tower
Oriental Pearl Tower
Oriental Pearl Tower: The Oriental Pearl Tower, known as Dongfang Mingzhuta in Chinese, located by the bank of Huangpu River on Pudong district.

It was designed by Jia Huan Cheng, construction began in 1991 and the tower was completed in 1995 and is 468m high. Nowadays is the main tourist attraction, and is also used to broadcast radio and TV programs. Oriental Pearl Tower is the 3rd highest one in the world & belongs to the World Federation of Great Towers.

Huangpu River: It is a 97 km long river in China flowing through Shanghai and has an average of 400 meters wide and 9 meters deep.

The Huangpu River can also be called either the Huang Xie River or the Chun Shen River.

The Huangpu River is also a main water source for the city of Shanghai, and as the town has grown it has suffered from polluted drinking water and water shortages.
Huangpu River
Huangpu River

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