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Sanya Orientation

Sanya comprises three parts: Sanya city, Dadonghai and the Luhuitou Peninsula.

Sanya city occupies peninsula bordered west by the Beibu Gulf and east by the Sanya River. Jiefang Lu, the principal road of the town, extends 4km out to Dadonghai changing several times its name.

Near to this street there are numerous hotels, restaurants and shops, principally near to the beach, beyond which are the start of roads to Haikou and Tongshi.

The Luhuitou Peninsula in the south is accessible by boat from Sanya city or by road from Dadonghai. It is a granite headland, separated from the docksides by the harbor.
Airlines Phoenix airport is located 15km to the north with flight to as Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Hong Kong.

Visitors have to take a taxi to go to the airport or to the modern train station, which goes to Beijing (35 hours), Shanghai (36 hours) and Guangzhou (15 hours).

The long-distance bus station is in the northern end of Jiefang Lu at Dadonghai, while luxury buses from Haikou and minibuses from Tongshi and Lingshui can be located farther south.

Visitors can get around in Sanya walking or through taxis that are cheap and plentiful (regularly from 6am until well after night). Tourists can also rent modern cars (with or without a driver) or hire motorbikes and bicycles.

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