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Sanya History

Human presence in the Sanya area dates back 10,000 years according to scholars. Recent investigations discovered millenary relics in Luobi Cave at Lizhigou Town close to the city of Sanya, whose antique name was Yazhou.
Sanya History
In the island there are also some groups of Persian graves sited along the seaboard.
By 221 BC, the first emperor of the Qin dinasty founded three counties in the south, one of which was Yazhou County. Later, in the Tang dynasty, all rebels were exiled to the zone, which turned out to be known as the “Ends of the Earth” because of its remoteness in relation to the capital of the empire.

The area remained in its condition of disregard until the mid- 20th century, when the Chinese government stressed its tourism potential. Nowadays, Sanya are benefited by central and local government initiatives to develop the tourist industry of the Hainan Island.

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