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Yalong Bay
Yalong Bay: Located 25 km to the southeast of Sanya, it is an amazing state-level tourist resort of 18.6 km2, characterized by its unique endless rolling hills, serene gulfs, crystal sea water, pristine vegetation and silvery sand beaches within a tropical ambiance (25.5 °C). This heavenly place counts with seashore parks, deluxe villas, conference centers, top hotels, holiday villages, marine world, water activity center, golf-courses, and yacht clubs. In the north the bay is Butterfly Valley, home of the most precious species of butterflies of the country.

Wuzhizhou Island: It is situated about 30 km northeast of Sanya and has an area of 1.48 km2. The island, known as Guqizhou during the Qing dynasty, has a tropical maritime climate with a pleasant temperature all the year round, and supports more than 2000 kinds of plants and several beautiful trees.
Its sea water is very clear and it is the habitat of numerous species including: nightlight snails, sea cucumber, lobsters, sierra fish, urchin, pomfret, colorful tropical fish and coral reefs with diverse shapes.
Wuzhizhou Island

Luhuitou Peninsula
Luhuitou: It is a peninsula located 5 km to the south of Sanya at the hill, which has a form of a stunning deer looking back, contiguous to the coast.
People who live in the peninsula for generations called themselves as Li ethnic. Today, a park has been constructed on the top of the Luhuitou and a twelve-meter-high stone statue has been collocated in its center. Climbing up to the statue allows enjoying a panoramic view of the peninsula also known as “Deer City”.

Tianya Haijiao: Situated 20 km west of Sanya, “the edge of the sky and the end of the sea” is a famous romantic and beautiful scenic spot composes of the tropical granite tourism zone, the modern shopping area and the vocation village, with a beautiful mixture of tropical sea views, historical relics and national folkway culture. Its splendid beaches has an expansive ocean sight, turquoise seas, deep blue skies and lush green hills. Recently, Tianya has converted in the perfect place of wedding ceremonies of couples from the entire world.
Tianya Haijiao

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