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Eating and Drinking

Eating in Sanya:
Because Sanya is surrounded by the South China Sea, seafood is abundant with excellent restaurants serving up good fresh dishes, some directly from fisheries.

Restaurants frequently serve their dishes accompanied with abalone, cucumber and other tropical fruits or exotic foods. The seafood might include squid, sea slugs, reef fish, scallops as well as lobster, mussels and crab.

The marine fauna of the area is long fished out; consequently, most of the seafood comes from Indonesia and the Philippines and the number of fisheries has highly increased.

Some famous dishes of Sanya are:
  • Wenchang Chicken: taste crisp, tender and fragrant after being skillfully cooked with particular ingredients.
  • Jiaji Duck: thin skin, crisp bones, tender meat.
  • Dongshan Mutton: tender meat and strong soup. It tastes fresh and is free of goat smell.
  • Hele Crab: full crab extract and tender meat.
As a touristy place, the city counts with both Chinese and Western food, principally in the Yalong Bay and Dadonghai.

Drinking in Sanya:
There are various foreigner-friendly cafe-restaurants along the beach and some bars. Most of the hotels usually provide night life services.

A distinctive beverage of Sanya is its local pineapple-based beer, but in general, there is a wide selection of regional and international beers and spirits.

Some main restaurants, bars and cofes of Sanya :

Name: Address: Telephone: Type:
Zhu Jiang Chun Chinese Restaurant 1 Dadonghai Lu 8821 1888 General
Dong Jiao Ye Lin 109, Yu Ya Dadao 8821 0999 General
Haiya Restaurant Hexi road 8827 6962 General
Liguo Restaurant Wenming Road 8825 9099 General
Fat Lady Seafood Restaurant 38 Hunan Lu 6660 1666 Seafood
Wan Jun Long Corner of ShangYe Street with Shenli Road 8826 5889 Seafood
Windmill Café Sanya Bay Road 8825 0177 Cafe
Northwestern Restaurant West Xihe Road, 1st & 2nd floor of the Lidu Hotel 8828 1998 General
Yikang Café No.131, on Jiefang NO. 4 Road 8839 3788 General
Versailles Garden Restaurant Sanya River Road 3888 8881 Taiwanese

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