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Nanjing Orientation

The ancient ruins of the Ming dynasty, particularly the city walls and gates, are a useful means of orientation in Nanjing.

In the north zone there is a big gate noticeable by a big traffic circle named Zhongyang Men. In the northeast -outside the city wall-, is the city's train station, while to the south -inside the wall- is the major street Zhongyang Lu.

Running from north to south, this street crosses important intersections, including the Beijing Lu in the Gulou zone, and Xinjiekou. South of Xinjiekou (two kilometers previous to Zhongyang Men) is Fuzi Miao, another important commercial and tourist centre, rising in fashion.

Exterior of the city wall, there are numerous historic places on Zijin Shan area in the east, while in the northwest is the impressive Yangtze River, which can be crossed by the Yangtze Bridge.

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