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Nanjing was one of the most antique cities established in the south of China (approximately 5th century B.C). Since its foundation, the city has suffered various destructions and reconstructions.

Nanjing was capital for first time in 229 AC during the Three Kingdoms Period. It was the capital of Wu Kingdom and then of the Southern China during the North-South Division period, until Sui dynasty, which reunified China and destroyed the city, turning it into a town.
Nanjing History
The city was reconstructed in the late Tang dynasty and was again capital during the transitory Southern Tang Kingdom (937 – 975).

Textile industry flourished in the Song dynasty though the permanent threat from the Mongolian. When they occupied the country (Yuan dynasty), the city reaffirmed its condition as a center of the textile industry.

The Ming made Nanjing the capital of China in 1368 and rebuilt the city.
Emperors constructed the largest city wall in the world at that time, which still continues to exist. In this period, Nanjing was the biggest city of the world with around 500, 000 inhabitants.

In the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), the city was the seat of government for the Liangjiang Viceroy and later the capital of the Taiping Kingdom. In 1864 there was a massive slaughtering in the city with a quarter of the city’s population death [read Taiping Rebellion].

In 1912 the just founded Republic of China selected Nanjing as its capital but only controlled the south of the country. 15 years later the Kuomintang defeated the Qing forces of Beijing and established Nanjing as the capital of the whole country, which last for a decade.

In 1937, the Japanese army took the city and carried out the atrocious Nanking massacre. The total death reaches the 300000 victims. The capital was moved temporarily to Chongqing until the end of the war. In 1949, Communist Army conquered Nanjing. The capital was moved to Beijing and Nanjing became the provincial capital of Jiangsu. The Republic of China, refuge in Taiwan, still consider to Nanjing as the official capital of the country, while Taipei is only its provisional capital.

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