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Eating and Drinking

Eating in Nanjing:
Nanjing has a moderately selection of local, regional Chinese and foreign foods with prices as not expensive as other major cities. The traditional gastronomy of the city, also known as Jiangsu cuisine, emphasizes the original taste and carefully chooses raw ingredients. Nanjing cookery uses moderate portions of seasoning, but contrary high quantities of oil.

The result is often an appetitive colorful dish which is not too salty and has fresh and good smell. Some of the most common local dishes are:
  • Dried Salted Duck: Nanjing is famous for its dried salted duck both at home and abroad. Plumpness in appearance, it lies in its rich delicacy with white tender skin, tasting crisp, fragrant, pressed soft and aftertaste everlasting.
  • Salt Solution Duck: pressed and salted, then steeped in brine and baked. It is characterized by a good smell, crisp and tender.
  • Eight delicacies soup: fish, water chestnut, lotus root, vine, parsley, arrowroot and lotus seeds.
  • Jinling Snacks: which includes noodles, Sichuan hotpot, jiaozi and wonton soup.
Recently, Japanese and Western food is becoming more popular, especially near to the universities which have foreign students. There are also international dishes in the major hotels, McDonalds and KFC and so on. The best places to eat are located in the north of the town and in Xinjiekou and Fuzi Miao districts.

Drinking in Nanjing:
The city has a vivid nigh life. Westernized bars are permanently opened and are relative cheap. These are situated generally around the universities.

Some main restaurants, bars and cofes of Nanjing are:
Name: Address: Telephone: Type:
Sichuan Restaurant 171 Taiping Lu 025-4402038 General
Dingshan Meishi Cang 2 Changhan Lu 025-8805931 General
Ciao Italia Shi Gu Lu 193-2 025-86608807 Italian
Salsa Mexican Cantina 54 Taiping Bei Lu 025-84537366 Mexican
Dechangxing Restaurant 38 Hunan Lu 025-3619879 General
Piano Cafe 121 Shigu Lu 025-4204252 Cafe
Great Nanjing Eatery 2 Hunan Lu 025-83305777 General
Lao Zheng Xing Restaurant No. 119 Gong Yuan St. General
Hua Le Yuan Restaurant No. 207 Jian Kang Rd. General
Kohinoor Restaurant (Halal Food) 45 north Zhong shan road, Level 2 Ramada Plaza 025-83122522 Indian

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