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Nanjing Travel Guide

Nanjing Travel Guide

The city of Nanjing, situated in the downstream Yangtze River, has an important place in Chinese history and its culture. It was the capital of the country for several historical periods.

In addition, Nanjing has always been a national center of education, research, transportation and tourism as well as an important port.

Today the city covers an area of 6,596 square kilometers and has a population of over 6.120 million, becoming the second biggest commercial hub in the Eastern China, just behind Shanghai.

Naining is the capital of the Jiangsu Province and is divided into 11 urban districts and 2 counties:

• Xuanwu District.
• Baixia District.
• Qinhuai District.
• Jianye District.
• Gulou District.
• Xiaguan District.
• Pukou District.
• Luhe District (Formerly Luhe County).
• Qixia District.
• Yuhuatai District.
• Jiangning District (Formerly Jiangning County).

• Lishui County.
• Gaochun County.

More info about Nanjing:
• Postal code: 210000 - 211300.
• Area code: +86/25.
• Important Places:
   - Nanjing University (1902).
   - Nanjing Union Theological Seminary (1952).
   - Nanjing Astronomical Observatory.
   - Yangtze River Bridge (1968).
   - Dr. Sun Yat-sen tomb (1929).
   - Ming emperor's tombs (14th century).

Nanjing History

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