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Eating and Drinking

Eating in Macau:
Macau has a particular cuisine and excellent restaurants and bars recognized worldwide as Macanese food. Its cooking is characterized by a combination of European and Asian elements with some exotic savors of the antique Portuguese colonies including Brazil, Goa and Angola.

The city with 4th centuries of Portuguese influence, offers a great gastronomic adventure. The local specialties include:
  • Bacalhau: dried salted codfish, a Portuguese favorite.
  • African chicken: grilled in piri piri peppers and spices.
  • Galinha Portuguesa: chicken cooked in the oven together with potatoes, onions, egg and saffron.
  • Linguado Macau: sole fried and usually served with green salad).
  • Caldo verde: vegetable soup).
  • Dim sum: Cantonese breakfast).
There are numerous Portuguese restaurants in the city, particularly in the Peninsula, but there are also very goods restaurants in Taipa and Coloane. As Macau is a cosmopolitan place, is available to find cuisine from the whole world, such as Italian, French, American, Brazilian, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian food.

Drinking in Macau:
Aside from fresh bread, the Portuguese elements include excellent wine and coffee. There are also a wide variety of drinks that Macanese residents enjoy after work in clubs and bars, but the most common is beer.

Especial drinks are vinho verde, a Portuguese white wine that accompanies salty food; and caipirinha, a delectable cocktail from Brazil.

Some main restaurants, bars and cofes of Macau are:
Name: Address: Telephone: Type:
Xinkou Li Hao Seafood Restaurant 124-126,Lixin Mansion, Gaomei Shi Street, Xinkou Bank 7005 511 Seafood
Dang Zai Italian Restaurant No.46, Ye Street, Dang Zai Palace 8027 420 General
He Shun Shao La Cake No.141, Lian Sheng Road 2011 420 General
Man Gu Restaurant No.31, Dongwang Yang Street 561 419 General
Xinkou Pu Guo Restaurant L Pu, Zhong Yu Mansion, Gaomei Shi Street 7003 276 General
Yin Du Restaurant 3 Zhan Deng Fei Neng Bian Du Wei Jinli Lai Mansion 210 411 General
Gold Coastal Restaurant No.1, Su Ya Li Yi Shi Street 355 100 General
Bao Lian Fine Food Center A Di Pu, No.6, Da 3 Bafu Hua Lane 3058 097 General
Fulong Seafood Snakes Restaurant No. 364 - 374, Dang Zai Dalian Street 8032 882 Seafood
Fo Xiao Building Da Restaurant Fulong New Street 5073 580 General
Alfonso III Rua Central 11 586 272 General
Bolo de Arroz Travessa de São Domingos 11 339 089 Cafe

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