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By Plane:
Macau International Airport (MFM) is situated in front of Taipa Island, at the eastern side of Dangzai Island. MFM has regular flights to the principal cities of China (Bejjing, Shanghai, etc.) and to some international neighboring cities (Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, etc.) aside from connecting flights to most places of the world.

MFM is a ten minutes from the Macau Ferry Terminal and a fifteen minutes from the Barrier Gate. Bus AP1 covers the route between the airport and the Barrier Gate. Its route passes through the principal points on Taipa Island and the Peninsula.

Many facilities are accessible at the airport including shops, fast foods, banks, postal services and taxis.

Helicopters: Helicopter service is offered from the Macau’s Terminal Maritimo to Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Express Bus: It is a transport service (Land-to-Air and Air-to-Land) between MFM and Macau Ferry Terminal, which avoids migration procedures and baggage handling. They are also bus services between MFM and Guangzhou.
By ferry:
Ferry has always been the principal form to arrive Macau.

The major ship terminal is the Macau Ferry Terminal (Terminal Maritimo), sited at the Outer Harbour (Porto Exterior). This is a permanently active port which administrates the major part of the maritime traffic between Macau and the sea terminals of Hong Kong, Shekou and Shenzhen among other cities.

There exists another smaller terminal situated in the Inner Harbour (very close to the city hub). This port provides transportation services mainly to Shenzhen and Wanzai.

From Hong Kong:
• Macau Ferry Terminal: Situated in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island. Tel: +852 2859 3333.
• China (HK) Ferry Terminal: Situated in Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Tel: + 852 2131 8181.
• Hong Kong International Airport.

From mainland China:
• Fu Yong Ferry Terminal (Shenzhen): Tel: +755 2777 6818 (Connected to the Shenzhen Airport).
• Shekou Ferry Terminal (Shenzhen): Tel: +853 2857 4478).
• Wanzai Customs Port (Zhuhai): Situated in Wanzai.
• Jiuzhou Port (Zhuhai).

Turbo-Jet Sea Express: It is an especial transportation service that cover the routes among Macau, Hong Kong and Shezhen, linking their corresponding airports.
By road:
There are two vehicular gateways into Macau from the Chinese province of Guangdong:
• Barrier Gate, located at the borders on Zhuhai.
• COTAI Frontier Post, located at the Lotus Bridge in the island of Taipa.

Only vehicles with Macanese/Chinese number plates and driver's licenses are allowed to enter to the city. Be aware that the Macanese drive on the right unlike the Chinese who do on the left.

By bus: There are regular buses from: Guangzhou (2 hours), Shenzhen (3 hours), DongGuan city (3 hours) and Zhuhai
City transportation:
Aside from buses and taxis, visitors can take manpowered pedicabs or rent a bicycle, motorbike or car.

Macau doesn’t count with a railway service. The nearest train station is in Guangzhou. Other nearby railways are situated in Shenzhen and Hang Kong.

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