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Macau Travel Guide

The city of Macau is one of the two Special Administrative Regions (the other one is Kong Kong), situated in southeast of the country. Macau was until 1999 administered by Portugal as a colonial province.

Macau is sited in the Guangdong province on the banks of the Pearl River Delta. The city has developed several industries like textiles, electronics and toys, plus a remarkable tourist industry with an extensive variety of hotels, resorts, stadiums, restaurants and especially casinos.

The city has an area of 28.6 square kilometers with a population of around 520,400. The official languages are Portuguese and Cantonese, but there are also an increasing number of people who speak Mandarin and/or English. Its currency is still the Macanese pataca.

Districts: The city of Macau is divided into a peninsular area and two islands:

The Macau Peninsula: sited in the northern part, it connects the city to the mainland. The Peninsula is the core of tourist movement and is densely crowded.

Taipa: It is a residential island accessible via three bridges in the south of the Peninsula. At Taipa is sited the Macau's International Airport.

Coloane: It is an island located in the south of Taipa. Coloane has two beaches, several hiking trails and a resort with the unique Macau's golf course.

• *Cotai: It is a zone disputed by Coloane and Taipa, which sometimes is considered as another region.

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