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Shopping in Lanzhou

The city of Lanzhou has a excellent selection of handicrafts and local specialties from all parts of Gansu Province.

Specialty: Usually, Chinese herbal medicines like rose, lily, aweto, Chinese angelic Dong Quai, sanpaotai tea, codonopsis pilosula, astragalus, wolfberry series are highly precious and therapeutic.

Handicrafts: Yeguang (boulder) Cups, Yellow River windmills, paper-cut designs, shadow puppets show, scent bags and Taiping drums are very typical handicrafts in Gansu.

A carved gourd, as the name suggests, is a gourd carved with animals, poems, landscapes, calligraphy or portraits, and then painted with ink. usually, big ones are of the size of a fist while small ones that of an egg.

A yeguang boulder cup is made of jade stone from Qilina Mountain. Some are yellow with white and others are green.

Where to buy:
Some main shopping centers in Lanzhou.

For daily wares:

Beijing Hualian Supermarket: Situated at No.53, Anning Xi Lu, Anning District
Beijing Hualian Hongxing Store: Situated on the East to the Railway Station, Chengguan District
Lanzhou Department Store: Situated at No.275 Qingyang Lu
Lanzhou Guofang Baisheng Shopping Center: Situated from -1/F to 5/ F, International Exhibition Center, Dongfanghong Square, Chengguan District
Lanzhou Minbai Department Store: Situated at No. 7 Minzhu Lu
Shiji Chuntian Department Store: Situated in Century Square (Shiji Guangchang), Nanguan Shizi (Nanguan crossing)
Tianma Department Store: Situated at No.361 Tianshui Lu

For specialties:

Gansu Antique Shop: Situated at No. 3 Xijin Xi Lu
Gansu Art Service Store: Situated at No. 267 Donggang Xi Lu
Gansu Cuibao Zhai: Situated at No. 263 Donggang Xi Lu
Gansu Overseas Tourist Department Store: Situated at No.288 Donggang Xi Lu
Guwan Zihua Cheng: Situated in Yantan, Lanzhou. It's known as the City of Antique and Calligraphy and Paintings
Shulin Zhai: Situated at No.22 Qingyang Lu

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