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Area: about 1631.6 km2 (about 630 square miles)

Area Code: 0931

Banks: Money exchange is offered in any exchange counters of Banks of China in Lanzhou.

Gansu Branch of Bank of China: Situated at No 525, Tianshui Nan Lu, Lanzhou
Subbranch of Lanzhou Zhongxin of Bank of China: Situated at No 618, Donggang Xi Lu, Lanzhou

Book Stores:
Lanzhou Xinhua Book Building: Situated at No 89, Xijin Xi Lu
Lanzhou Xinhua Book Store: Situated at No 10, Tongwei Lu

Drug Stores:
Luye Drug Store: Situated at No 182, Qin' an Lu
Lanzhou Donggang Drug Store (Dongxing Branch): Situated at No 40, Pingliang Lu
Zhongyou Drug Store (Wenhua Gong Branch): Situated at No 16, Xijin Dong Lu

Famous Universities:
Lanzhou University: Situated at No 222, Tianshui Nan Lu
Lanzhou University of Technology: Situated at No 85, Langongping
Northwest Normal University: Situated at No 967, Anning Dong Lu

Lanzhou First Aid Center: Located at No 80, Cuiying Men, Lanzhou
The First Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou Medical College: Located at No 1, Donggang Xi Lu, Lanzhou

In an Emergency:
Ambulance: 120
Fire: 119
Police: 110

Population: The city of Lanzhou has a population about 3.14 million including 2.07 million urban population

Post Office: Lanzhou Post Office: 104, Minzhu Dong Lu, Lanzhou

Useful Numbers:
Telephone number inquiring: 114
Tourist Complaint: 0931-8826860
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip code inquiring: 184

Zip code: 730000

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