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Maijishan Grottoes: The 194 cave-shrines of this "Gallery of oriental Sculpture" on a perpendicular mountain cliff southeast of Tianshui, provide shelters to 7,200 stone & clay figurines and 1,300 m2 of murais.

The clay figures are mixing spiritual resonance imaging, are paragons of ancient china clay sculpture.

LiuJiaXia Dam: The Liujiaxia Dam is one of 5 planned with the help of Soviet advisors in the 1950s. It's one of the biggest hydroelectric power stations in China and was completed during 1974.

Lanshan park: Lanshan part is situated on the Gaolanshan Mountain at the southern edge of the town proper. It's a newly built afforested mountain park, with a zone of 5,200 mu stretching for over 10 km. The park is the first artificial park in the town.

Nowadays the Park has a temperature of 5 degrees C. cooler than the town. This makes it the ideal summer resort for those roasting in the town proper.

Baiyun Taoist temple: During 1837 in the Qing dynasty the Baiyun temple was built by the magistrate of Gansu Province to commemorate the legendary immortal Lu Dongbin, one of the 8 Taoist immortals.

Nowadays the Baiyun Taoist temple is still a place for monks and an active worship center.

White Pagoda Hill Park: The mountain is situated at the northern bank of the Yellow River and has its name after the white pagoda.

The White Pagoda Hill Park is a large and nice place for strolling, with green forests, teahouses, scattered pavilions and,, from its heights, some good views of both the churning river and the town beyond.

Bingling temple caves: It is also known as the Bingling Temple, are a series of Buddhist caves that are located on a not easily accesible cliff face, some 80km from Lanzhou.

Binglind is a transliteration of Tibetan, which means 10 000 Buddha. Nowadays, there are 183 cavez, 82 clay sculptures, 694 stone statues, and 900 m2 of murals.

All the sculptures, statues and murals exhibit superb craftmanship, and have great artistic appeal.

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