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Dining in Lanzhou

The food in the city of Lanzhou is quite similar compared to that of central China, because was influenced by ethnic groups, especially the Hui people.

Gansu Cuisine: The traditional dishes of the Gansu cuisine include the steaming, roasting, and braising of beef and mutton. Lanzhou people enjoy several tastes including tart, spicy, salty, and fresh. Generally are served in several hotels of Lanzhou.

Typical dishes include Baine Tao, Jinchen Baita, Jincheng Babao Melon Carving, and albino leeks with roasted pork and chicken.

• Jincheng Baita: It's an assortment of cold meats, almost equal to the imitating the famous attraction of Baita (the White Pagoda) in Lanzhou, which is a 7-story pagoda with 8 facets.

• Silk Road Camel Hoof: It's a nutritious dish since the whole hoof is made up of tendon, and is really very tasty.

• Lanzhou Roasted Pork: It is heated over charcoal and served with spring pies or also with sesame pies.

• Baihe (Lily) Tao (Peach): It's so named because the dish is shaped like peaches. It can be prepared in just 20 minutes y served with a white sugar sauce.

Restaurants in Lanzhou:
Some main restauntans in the ciy of Lanzhou.

For hotpot:

• Lanzhou Dazhamen Hotpot Restaurant: Situated at No. 262, Wudu Lu
• Little Sheep Hotpot Restaurant (Xiao Fei Yang): Situated at No. 27, Xijin Xi Lu
• Zhuyuan Cun Hotpot Restaurant: Situated at No. 609 Binhe Dong Lu

For various cuisines:

• Lanzhou Hongjin Fang Restaurant: Situated at No.534 Binhe Nan Lu, Chengguan District (luxury restaurant).
• Seventy Two Industries Folk Customs Restaurant: Situated at No. 279, Jiuquan Lu (Xinsheng Dasha)
• Tianlong Meishi Cheng: Situated at No. 921, Gannan Lu
• Tianfu Renjia Jiayan Restaurant: Situated at No.98 Minzhu Xi Lu, Chengguan District
• Yuebin Lou: Situated at No. 384, Jiuquan Lu

For western food: Western style food (generally buffet dinner) in the classic hotels is more authentic than the Western food in the cafes in the streets.

For example a simple set menu in a café normally costs about 30 to 50 Yuan.

• U.B.C Coffee: Situated at No. 472, Qingyang Lu
• KFC: Situated in Xiguan crossing

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