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Lanzhou Travel Guide

Lanzhou Travel Guide

Lanzhou is a prefecture-level town and capital of Gansu province in northwestern China. Lanzhou is an industrial town of about 3,000 000 people. It's situated on the shores of the Yellow River and was a major stop on the Silk Road, where it was called the Golden town.

From the 5th to the 11th century the town was a major seat of Buddhist learning, and it acquired its present name in Qing Dynasty during 1656.

Until 19th century, the city Lanzhou was the main point crossing in the Yellow River via a bridge made by chaining a flotilla of boats together with a road on top to cross on.

The city of Lanzhou used to be a key point connecting the western region and the central China as well as a vital town on the Silk Road.

Nowadays the city of Lanzhou is a hub of the Silk Road, with Dunhuang Mogao Caves to the north, Labrang Monastery to the south, Maiji Caves to the east and Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves to the west.

With mountains in the north and south of the town and the Yellow River flowing from the east to the west, the city of Lanzhou is a beautiful modern town with both the grand beauty of northern towns and the prettiness of southern towns.

The city of Lanzhou is a landscape that must not be missed because it is the only provincial city through which the Mother River runs.

One can choose to roam along the River, to cross the First Bridge over the Yellow River, or to have a cup of 8 auspicious teas at the Watermill Park, you will be impressed by Lanzhou with its harmonious combination of the old and the modern.

Districts of Lanzhou:
• Anning
• Chengguan
• Honggu
• Qilihe
• Xigu

Chengguan District, located in eastern Lanzhou, is the center of culture, politics, scientific research, economy and transportation. In northwestern Lanzhou, Anning District is the economic development zone as well as the area where there are several colleges.

History of Lanzhou

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